The Wall Project

Call for Artists

Are you an artist/muralist from Hamilton, Ontario? We have a 50 x 200′ wall that our friends and artists Bruno Smoky, Shalak Attack, Chris Dyer + Peru143 are going to transform into an incredible mural and we’re on the lookout for a Hamilton-based artist to contribute.
The Wall Project will be an ongoing, 5 week project that will begin July 20th, and run until August 16th. Located just outside our brewery at 207 Burlington St. East in Hamilton, The Wall Project will bring some life to an industrial community and will be a sight for creativity and inspiration for years to come. The artist who is chosen will work with Bruno, Shalak and Peru to create a cohesive, yet diverse mural. Submissions can be sent to:
Submission Requirements
– Artists should submit a link to their online portfolio of mural work or provide 6 to 10 digital examples of their work in .jpg format. Please include your name in the file’s title e.g. “john_jones_mural_001.jpg”
– Artist must be lift certified or able to be by the deadline
– Bio + Background
– Our panel will review submissions and choose a finalist by: July 16th
– The chosen artist will be compensated with $2000CAD
Submission Deadline
– July 9, 2017, 11:59PM

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