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The World’s Most Refreshing Gallery

By: Debbie Keffer

I love that tagline and it’s so true. Every six-pack you buy from Collective Arts Brewing is a mini gallery. I’ve been a fan of theirs for awhile now. I love their beer (their Saint of Circumstance is one of my favourite patio beers this summer) but as someone who enjoys the arts, their support of new and upcoming artists is what makes them special.

The labels feature artwork from both visual artists and musicians. There’s not much space on a beer label for non-beer related stuff but if you want to know more about the artists, they have an app for that. It’s called Blippar. You use it to scan the label and it takes you to enhanced content, like videos and artist bios. The Collective Arts websitealso features galleries of each label series (there have been 3 main series and 2 special limited series so far) and hosts videos from their Black Box Sessions. These are simple but fantastic videos of featured musicians shot at the Indie88 sound studio.

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