Remember mid-90s campus radio? The grit and riffs? Even if this reference is lost on you, B.C.ers (and Series Two band) The Zolas WILL transport you to another time; a time of chewing on pencils, waiting for class to let up, and living for the weekend ragers. We describe them as being heavy on the pop rock & piano beats, with a healthy helping of cool surrounding their every moves. Not bad.





The Zolas second and latest album, Ancient Mars, is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. OK, that cliched sentence isn’t entirely true. You can bank on charming poetic lyrics mixed with reverbed pianos and minimalist beats throughout. However, each song is its own unique personality, which makes The Zolas stand out from a sea of rockers. From 90s summer jams capturing the middle-stage angst of youth-adulthood to Brooklyn avant-pop, the album weaves a zany diversity that is AWESOME on the ears. Of “Escape Artist,” The Zolas say: “If John Lennon and Kanye West met later tonight at a hotel bar, [that] is the song they would write.” Classic Zolas.

In a case of art imitating life imitating art, the mélangerie of The Zolas continues outside just their music. Vocalist (and guitar) Zach Gray recently had a small part in Afflicted, a horror flick that’s been unexpectedly blowing up on the radars of audiences worldwide after it’s release in April.

What else do The Zolas have up their sleeves besides dope music and debuting acting skills? A busy, busy summer. You can catch them at music festivals around Ontario, like St. Catharines’ SCENE and Edgefest in Toronto. Follow all the action on their website,, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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