They Like Art and Beer? Gift them Collective Arts.

By: Zach Buck

It takes a while to explain exactly what Collective Arts– the GTA-based craft brewery that fosters the arts across their brew and brand– really is. I’ve spent a long time trying to do it right.

Now I’ll try to do it quick. Essentially, Collective Arts is a micro-brewery that emphasizes craft of all types with the sale of its beer. They’ve featured countless different Canadian visual artists on their beer labels. Earlier this year they launched their Series Three Labels with gallery show Unity Makes Strength, a gathering of street artists from across Canada in a gallery setting– the first exhibition off the street for many.

Now Collective Arts is collaborating with a host of Canadian musicians in their Black Box Sessions. These intimate recordings of soft rock and folk stars from Canada and across the world (stars like Mac DeMarco, The Barr Brothers and Hozier) go hand in hand with the free music you can grab if you scan one of their special labels with Blipparr. Free music from frickin Portugal. The Man. You just have to buy the beer.

If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving this Christmas, the LCBO’s still open, and most of them across Canada are carrying this up-and-comer. Grab a sixer of Rhyme and Reason,  Collective Arts’ winner of the APA category at the 2014 Canadian Brewing Awards, or Saint of Circumstance, their citrus blonde.

See full piece here.

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