THREE New Summer Beers!

Our brewers, like the artists on our labels, are artists themselves. Every month, our brewers show off their brewing chops and create one off brews we call The Collective Project.

Tim Barnard, a Vancouver BC artist, created the art for the bottle labels, tall cans and 6 bottle carton. Tim’s work was also selected for Series Five. To view Tim’s portfolio 

To celebrate the summer the Collective Arts brewers created three new beers: Gose, Hefeweizen, and Papaya  Saison.

Our Gose is an unfiltered wheat beer made with malted wheat. This creates a unique cloudy yellow colour and provides a refreshing crispness. Our Gose has a low hop bitterness and features coriander and Himalayan sea salt, adding hints of complementary dryness, spice and a touch of sharpness to the beer. Gose’s refreshing acidity, spice, and mild salinity extend the range of possible pairings. A perfect summer brew that pairs well with sausages, grilled meats and potato dishes.

The Hefeweizen is a style of wheat beer originating from the south of Germany. The yeast produces unique flavours of banana and cloves with a dry and tart edge. Minimal hop bitterness. “Hefe” means “with yeast”, hence the beers cloudy appearance. Refreshing, clean and perfect for summer parings like smoked pork, grilled chicken, Tex Mex dishes and buritos.

The Papaya Saison is a very complex style. This beer is traditionally fruity in the aroma and the flavour until we cranked it up a notch with the addition of papaya. The result, earthy yeast tones, mild tartness and a hint of tropical fruit. This semi-dry, crisp brew is ideal for summer. Pairs well with funky cheeses and charcuterie.

These summer Collective Project brews are available individually in 473mL cans, and in a 3×2 bottle pack [3 beers, 2 each]. Find them at the LCBO, select Loblaws locations, at your favorite craft beer bar and at our brewery store in Hamilton!

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  1. Hi,

    Love your beer. Any of your summer collection being shipped to Ottawa? If so, where might I pick up a 6-pack? Thanks


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