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Toronto soloist (and Series Two artist) Tim Moxam hits you right in the heart with his serenades. His body of work is pulled from his deep core self, revealing layer upon sometimes haunting layer of thoughts, emotions and critical reflections. This pure honesty and sincerity shines through in his unique take on folk and Americana guitar.



The artwork that’s a part of our Series Two labels is from his latest EP, ‘Blue Son’, which was released October 2013. After six years being a part of Toronto’s critically acclaimed – and no-longer Great Bloomers (RIP) – and touring with the likes of Yukon BlondeThe Wooden SkyRural Alberta AdvantageLibrary VoicesWool on Wolves and the also no-longer Two Hours Traffic, Moxam took a leap and began his career as a solo artist. Having signed with Nevado Records, Moxam’s distinct songwriting style and unmistakable voice are winning him fans the world over.




The sentimental and nature-filled video for ‘Blue Son’ divulges even more of Moxam’s inner, endearing personality. Keep your eyes out for more raw emotion with his full length album that comes out in 2014.

In the meantime, you can buy ‘Blue Son’ on iTunes and follow Moxam’s journey on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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