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Tobias Illustrations (Toby Brunsdon) is a Bristol based graphic artist and illustrator, who also happens to be a part of our Series Five labels AND has his own clothing line featuring his designs. Read on for more on this interesting artist and his intricate art.



Tiger Sweat


Tobias’ hand-drawn, abstract designs are inspired by the wildlife and the natural world around him. After recently graduating from university, he ventured off to India where he spent some time. It was there that his love for pattern work and symmetry design really took off. He specializes in ‘zentangle’ art, which involves creating beautiful images by drawing structured patterns to form a larger piece.




Since returning from India, his abstract wildlife designs have become his bread and butter. Saber (Tiger) was his most recent design in this style, which is now available on T-shirts, sweats and engraved on cherrywood phone cases, available via his website.

We can’t stop pouring over his complex illustrations. If you can’t either, please follow him on Facebook, Twitter @tobiasillustrat and Instagram @tobiasillustrations. Happy staring.



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