Todd Monk


ToddMonk1Vibrant pop art marks this self-taught Toronto artist’s work. Featured in shops, restaurants and bars around the city like Czehoski’s (sexy glasses girl, anyone?), Todd Monk’s paintings swoop into your vision like a flash, crack, bam of colour.

It’s no wonder Todd Monk credits his big and bold paintings to a childhood obsession with comic books followed by a career in the graphic arts industry. Using oils, acrylics and bright colours, Monk creates lusciously large images where you almost expect interjected bubbles of ‘KAPOW’ and ‘BANG’ to be present. Instead, you get sassy paintings – mostly of nudes – done in primary blues, reds and yellows. And yet, there is a tastefulness to Monk’s work.





Monk is exhibiting his people, places and things at The Artist Project, a contemporary art fair running next month at Toronto’s Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place from February 20-23, 2014. Over 250 artists’ original pieces will be featured, including Monk’s feisty ladies. Make sure to check it out if you’re in the area!

If you can’t make it or to catch more Monk Art, visit his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@toddmonkart) and revel in his wondrous imagination.


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