Twin River

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This band is a mixture of key players from Vancouver’s music scene. They were named one of 30 artists to watch at SXSW 2016 and they are on our series five labels. They are Twin River.


The band started with Courtney Ewan and Andy Bishop [Yukon Blonde, White Ash Falls, Red Cedar] as a somber folk duo who played acoustic sets, harmonized quietly, and sang ‘crosslegged on stools’ as Ewan would say.

Listen here to the sounds of their 2012 Rough Gold EP.

They found their sound in their debut album Should The Light Go Out [2015], upstreaming to a bright toned swaggering synth-rock outfit. Listen to Bend to Break and hear the difference.

Their latest single Antony was released in March this year and a full album is to be released on June 17. With their garage pop sound and Ewan’s memorable voice, we are sure their new album will not disappoint.

You can follow Twin River [@twinriverband] on Instagram + Twitter + Facebook

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