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Portland, Oregon rockers Typhoon have as many band members as some Deschutes River towns have people. And while they may be hard to miss when all traveling together, it was more than the crowd of eleven bandmates that caught the attention of the Collective Arts team.

Typhoon is an epic orchestral pop rock act that melds multiple contemporary styles; the end result is an infectious sound greater then the sum of its eleven parts. They were recently featured in SPIN Magazine for their single release “Young Fathers”.TYP_0482_web

Headed by Frontman, Kyle Morton, Typhoon secluded themselves in the back woods of Oregon to record their new album. Kyle had this to say about recording the White Lighter LP:

“Without my friends in Typhoon this music would’ve never reached your ears. It’s thanks to them that these songs are songs and not just a bunch of quasi-apocalyptic ramblings. We recorded them on a farm in Happy Valley, Oregon while we lived there for a short, utopian six weeks in the spring and summer of 2012. The record is a collection of seminal life moments, in more or less chronological order, glimpsed backwards in the pale light of certain death, brought to life by a remarkable group of people who hold as I do that the work is somehow important.”

“When we started working on White Lighter, I had reason to believe that it would be the last thing I ever did. It is now six months since we finished. I’m still here and there’s still work to be done.”

The band kicks off a North American tour in September that will take them to Canada for POP Montreal, as well as the prestigious Austin City Limits Music Festival. They mentioned to us that they might be adding more dates and we’ll keep you updated on their whereabouts but for their current tour dates Click Here

We’re excited to work with Typhoon and have them join the artist in Collective Arts’ inaugural Series One.

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