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Valaire is a band cultivating electro-jazz-rock-hip-hop-odd-sound-clips influences. The five band members’ paths crossed in a sandbox in their native town of Sherbrooke (a.k.a. Sherbrooklyn) when they were approximately 6 years old, but the works from this period were soon forgotten. After a music-oriented education, they founded what officially became Misteur Valaire in 2004.

Successively influenced by the discovery of electronic music, a taste for diversified musical styles, pop culture and a weird interest for excerpts from dubious TV shows, forgotten politicians’ speeches and strangers’ conversations, Valaire produced three albums: Mr. Brian (2005), Friterday Night (2007), Golden Bombay (2010) and Bellevue (2013).

After being known as Misteur Valaire for a decade, the group felt it was time to simplify things, starting with their name. They dropped the “Misteur” because it had become unnecessary. Plus, most fans already called them Valaire for short. Now, it’s official. They also teamed up with Indica Records to handle their business. After cutting their teeth in the DIY world since the very beginning, it is now time for Valaire to concentrate on what they do best: make great, award-winning music (two time ADISQ winners for Electronic Album of the Year; Juno and GAMIQ nominations) and create exhilarating live shows, as witnessed by more than 100,000 people at the Montreal International Jazz Festival and at numerous concerts in North America and Europe.

What stands out for you as one of your favourite career highlights so far?

First thing that comes to mind  is definitely headlining Montreal Jazz Fest’s main event, the crowd was unbelievable and it allowed us to add musicians, dancers and fireworks to the show. Touring made us discover awesome parts of the world too, Reunion Island or Corsica for example.

What are you currently working on?

We’re fine tuning Valaire’s brand new live show! Can’t wait to be on the road.

How’d you get started as an artist?

We actually all grew up together and started a jazz band when we were 14-15 years old. We included electronic music in order to play at parties and the project eventually became Valaire.

Who or what influences your art?

Music is always influencing the five of us. From new releases to old jazz records, we are always getting influenced by a wide range of artists.

What is your creative process like?

We always write songs together. We all bring in ideas, demos or samples and then we put it all together, shake it up to create songs with all these parts.

How do you feel our Art + Brewing initiative can benefit emerging artists?

Drinking a beer is such an uplifting moment, to associate it with the discovering of new artists can only bring positive energy to the drinker and the creator!!

Instagram: @_valaire_


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