Nelly Gocheva and Tom Hall

This weekend seek out the best in global and Latin American art at Buenos Aires’ premier art fair, enjoy a fresh take on photography from Africa and the Middle East in Casablanca, and get lost in the cinematic sounds on the new album from French musician, Yann Tiersen.


The Alliance: Unity Makes Strength

The Alliance: Unity Makes Strength brings together 12 artists from competitive cultural hubs Montréal and Toronto to create a selection of original works for the latter’s Spazio Dell’Arte gallery. The exhibit’s organiser, Montréal-based curator and illustrator Fred Caron’s contribution is an acrylic-on-canvas piece called “Building Foundations”. It depicts a pair of hands reaching out to grab three expressionless nuns – a critique on Quebec’s proposed (and failed) Charter of Values that sought to limit religious expression. From Toronto, graphic artist Peru Dyer Jalea takes a more holistic look at disorder in society through his bold, angular piece “Chaos String Theory”. If you can’t make the show, fear not, the works will soon be adorning labels on the bottles of Toronto-based craft-beer company, Collective Arts Brewing.

Spazio Dell’Arte gallery, Suite #201, 400 Eastern Avenue. Open Saturday 09.00-17.00; Sunday 09.00-12.00. Until 25 May.

To see the full list, click here.

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