Winter Beers Bring Holiday Cheers

By: Brendan Ross and Robin LeBlanc

Winter is coming. Celebrate the cold days, lack of sunlight, and interminable snow pile-ups with a variety of wonderful warming beers and beer-related events.

Remember long johns, shovels, and all those other things you cathartically burned last spring once the harsh winter was over? Well, the time to replenish your supply of winter gear has arrived again. But at least there are some great cold-weather beers to warm you up once you’re safely out of the cold. Here are a few suggestions.

Winter Beer at the LCBO and Beyond

The LCBO is a great place to buy gifts for people you don’t know that well—but while there’s nothing wrong with the many novelty gift packs available, there are also some truly fine offerings for the beer lover on your list…

The folks at Collective Arts Brewing Co. have a smaller beer roster than many other brewers (albeit way more bottle labels), but the offerings so far have been solid. Early in the new year, look forward to seeing the brewery’s third release, the State of Mind session IPA, on liquor store shelves.

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Collective Arts Brewing