WTF is Stash!?

Some of you may have seen Stash, kicking around the LCBO, grocery stores, at the bottle shop and even in bars and restaurants. What is Stash you ask? Good question. Stash is one of our own, that we created for those times you need an easy-drinking, uncomplicated beer. So while we know you love Ransack the Universe IPA, Stash is a good choice when you’re not looking for an in-your-face hoppy brew.  It’s a “drink it right from the can” kind of beer.

Stash is brewed with Cascade hops, Canadian malts and California ale yeast. We know that there are times when you just want to kick back with a simple, uncomplicated craft ale that is as easy to drink as it is on your wallet.

At Collective Arts Brewing we celebrate the passion that drives creativity, and Stash is no stranger to this concept. Whether you’re an artist, musician, or craftsman, Stash is our salute to a hard day’s work on the creative path; it’s meant to celebrate individuals that apply their creative talent in less traditional rolls.

Find Stash Straight Up Ale at an LCBO near you, select Loblaws grocery stores, select bars and of course, its home at the Brewery beer store.

Where ever your pursuit takes you, share your #stashbrew with us on Instagram @stashbrew and Twitter @stashbrew.



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