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Xander Lee graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2010 with a degree in Design: Illustration. During a student exchange, he got to spend three months living and studying Art & Design at Japan’s Bisen College in Hokkaido, Sapporo. His lack of language skills actually paid off in a way, giving him more time and drive to produce a tonne of reportage work [Not that it’s hard when there’s so many delightful ink brushes and supplies over there to document all those wonders]. It also lead to spending a night in a little shack of a bus shelter, on the side of an active volcano.

He’s sustained through copious amounts of caffeine, which has helped in his design of t-shirts and posters for local cafés, portraiture and pop culture-laden illustrations which is where his work has developed towards. Recently that’s entailed various deviations on Simpsons characters and putting Nicolas Cage on a Vinyl Sleeve. He’s even been pushing into such diverse fields as designing crude crayon ‘tableaux’ for a space-faring child in a video game, though would love to dabble in some more sequential things. His video work (both actors and puppetry) has been presented in both Dublin and Stuttgart in Film and Animation Festivals.

Xander is a freelance illustrator and designer, based in Devon in the South West of England, currently represented by ‘Inky Illustration’ Design Agency.

Check out his website
He can be found on behance/instagram/twitter @Ahrekisanda

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