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  • Collective Arts is a game changing brand in one of the most exciting and fastest growing categories in the world. At the intersection of technology, creativity, social media and the massive craft beer movement, there exists an incredible opportunity to fuse the art of craft brewing with the talents of emerging artists and musicians globally.

    By connecting artists with drinkers through the sociability of beer, and amplified by the reach and connectivity of social media, drinkers can discover and share the work of emerging artists and musicians. Collective Arts reflects, through creativity, the attitudes, trends and conversations of its drinkers. Through art and music, Collective Arts is constantly being reinvented by the community. That should explain why we love to get involved.

    We sponsor a whole variety of community events; from charities, community development projects, art exhibits, music, and much, much more.

    We believe that creativity fuels creativity, and while we would like to support each event brought to us, sometimes we must decline. When submitting the form below, please note that, as a rule, if your event is less than one month out, we will not be able to assist.

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