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Whatever Man

Aaron Millard

Toronto, ON, Canada

Aaron Millard

Toronto, ON, Canada

About the Artist

Each of us has something important to say. An innovation, a game changing plan, a new perspective – everyone has a story to tell. And yet we hear so few. Some of the best ideas this world ever could imagine never see the light of day. No matter how great an idea may be, it must be heard before it can become something truly profound. Storytelling is my profession and illustration is my prose. I’ve spent years training in order to communicate your message clearly and completely. Illustration is a unique medium that conveys a message quickly, effectively, cleverly, and easily so that everyone can understand its meaning. Be it stories, politics, economics, science, technology, a joke, food, advice, life… My illustrations will tell the tale and tell it like no one else. There are a thousand stories to be told and just as many questions to be answered. So ask yourself this - “what story do I want to tell the world?” and I promise to take care of the rest.


No Way is Up

Series 16

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