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Whatever Man

Anne Lambelet


Anne Lambelet


About the Artist

Anne Lambelet is a freelance illustrator fueled by bread and cheese. She earned a bachelor’s degree in illustration from the University of the Arts in 2014 where she was awarded the Roger T. Hane award for the top illustration portfolio by a senior. Since then she has worked with several clients including The Boston Globe magazine, The Progressive, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster. She currently lives in Philadelphia with her husband Brice, her adorable dog, Eevee and her morbidly obese (but also adorable) cat, Fitzgerald.

CA: What stands out for you as one of your favourite career highlights so far?

AL: I have a children's book I wrote and illustrated myself called MARIA THE MATADOR that will hit shelves in early 2019. I think getting the official offer for that from Page Street Publishing Co. was probably the most excited and emotional I've ever been.

CA: What are you currently working on?

AL: I'm currently working on illustrating two self-authored children's books both of which will be published by Page Street Publishing Co. The first is called MARIA THE MATADOR and the second is called PEOPLE AND THEIR DOGS. I'm also working on a book cover for a middle-grade fantasy novel, but I have to keep most of the details of that project secret for now.

CA: How’d you get started as an artist/musician?

AL: I have been drawing and writing my own illustrated stories since before I can remember. However, I think I realized I could actually make money with art when I started getting into online t-shirt design competitions. I don't do those anymore, but they were a good introduction to the client, assignment, deadline experience.

CA: Who or what influences your art?

AL: I listen to audiobooks almost constantly when I work. I love fantasy novels of any kind but especially ones similar to The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland where an average person suddenly finds themselves in a nonsensical, magical world. Along those same lines, my favorite movie is Labyrinth, and I love the beautiful concept art done for that by Brian Froud. I'm also fascinated by 2D animated movies of any kind...old Rankin/Bass productions, Disney, Studio Ghibli, and more recently I absolutely love what Cartoon Saloon is doing out of Ireland.

CA: What is your creative process like?

AL: I usually start with very rough doodles until I stumble upon an idea or composition I like. Then I trace over that and refine it...then trace over that and refine it again, trace over that again to add texture, and then I scan all my tracings into Photoshop and color everything digitally.

CA: How do you feel our Art + Brewing initiative can benefit emerging artists?

AL: With so many ways to post art on the internet now, I think the hardest part about becoming a successful artist is figuring out how not to get lost in this massive sea of talented people. This initiative helps shine a spotlight on artists in a very unique and tangible way. I think the same could be said about the current craft beer scene. So many breweries are popping up that it's hard for any single one to set itself apart. The initiative becomes a mutually beneficial relationship between artist and brewer in that respect. My creation can draw a new audience to your creation and vice versa.


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Anne Lambelet

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