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Whatever Man

Caleb Luke Lin


Caleb Luke Lin


About the Artist

Caleb Luke Lin is an artist and freelance illustrator based in Baltimore, Maryland. His artwork draws on inspiration from biodiversity, mythology, and cartography, and aims to instill a sense of backstory and lore. Outside of drawing, he spends his time listening to trap rap, reading wikipedia, and playing accordion. Caleb has worked with our friends at Graft Cider to create their unique, story-like cans so his work was the natural fit for our Graft x CAB Cider Collab, releasing February 10.


What stands out for you as one of your favourite career highlights so far?
It's a bit silly, but what stands out is Julia Louis-Dreyfus once complimenting my work.

What are you currently working on?
Along with labels from Graft Cider, I try to frequently make new patterns to upload on Spoonflower. I've also been working on some infographic scarves, but that's sort of an "eternal backburner" project, so who knows if that'll ever see the light of day.
How’d you get started as an artist/musician?
In high school I was deciding between pursuing illustration and engineering, but I'm terrible at math. So yeah, I'm an artist because I'm... afraid of math.
Who or what influences your art?
My favorite artists include Ivan Bilibin, William Morris, and Charley Harper. In a broader sense, I'm influenced by David Attenborough documentaries, Lord of the Rings, textile pattern, and all sorts of stuff in my Tumblr feed.
What is your creative process like?
I have a tendency to be too hesitant when making art, so I've learned to just go for it. All my work is either done in photoshop, or pencil and loose paper, so when I'm not liking something I just throw it out and move on.
How do you feel our Art + Brewing initiative can benefit emerging artists?
I've witnessed firsthand how much the craft beer+cider community can embrace interesting artwork and packaging. The reception has been both rewarding and encouraging.

Floating in the Void

Caleb Luke Lin

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