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Whatever Man

Cone The Weird

Berlin, Germany

Cone The Weird

Cone The Weird

Berlin, Germany

About the Artist

The Munich-born artist Cone The Weird has been fascinated with the various possibilities of designing characters ever since he was a child. Over the years, he has become more and more attracted to character design—his recent works almost exclusively feature characters. Cone The Weird draws his inspiration from his early access to large book collections: Impressively illustrated books of historic cultures, surrealistic paintings and the design of record covers alike had a key influence on him as an artist. The themes of his drawings have become increasingly personal, poetic and more detailed in recent years. Cone The Weird has been looking for an alternative form in art to classic comics and cartoons for quite some time now; a form that inspires the viewer to examine his drawings more closely and interpret them individually thanks to their multi-layered levels of meaning. They often also contain numerous hidden messages and elements which can only be discovered by taking a very close look—but which reward the viewers when they finally discover them. The artist himself sees his works as a form of drawn poems.



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