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Whatever Man

Ery Burns

Ery Burns

Ery Burns

About the Artist

Ery Burns is an artist & illustrator from Bristol with a striking colourful style. She is represented by Snyder New York in the US, and clients include Microsoft, Virgin, Timeout Magazine, and Tumblr.
What stands out for you as one of your favourite career highlights so far?
When I worked on a set of adverts for Microsoft and got to see my work on TV, it was very surreal. I also loved the Collective Arts Brewing collaboration. Having my work printed onto a product is priceless...I love being able to hold something in my hand and see the detail.
What are you currently working on?
I'm working on a couple of t-shirt designs for a cool band that approached me called Darenots, and had a job through this week for a big client that I sadly can't talk about or they'll sew me inside a unicorn and set me free in Siberia.
How’d you get started as an artist?
I've been drawing from the age of 3 but in my early 20's I actually dropped out of art school. They wanted more conceptual stuff whereas I preferred bold lines, narrative, and colour. Leaving uni pushed me towards a college qualification in surface pattern design which is what I needed to shape and grow my style.  After that I built up a body of work and starting applying for agent representation. It's hard because without experience and a good client list you don't really get a look in. I was super lucky.
Who or what influences your art?
Different cultures, dreams, pop-art, nature, fashion, humour, people, architecture, music...
What is your creative process like?
Pretty relaxed! I grab a doodle book and let my imagination takeover - it's really different to being given a client brief but I love both processes. With commission work I tend to eat my way through a whole sketchbook doodling down ideas, trying to interpret what the client wants without veering too far away from the original story.
How do you feel our Art + Brewing initiative can benefit emerging artists?
I think the Collective initiative has introduced a platform of art to people who wouldn't otherwise get to see it, or expect to see it in this context- opening up more opportunities for everyone in the creative industries.


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