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Whatever Man

Ilaria Cortesi


Ilaria Cortesi

Ilaria Cortesi


About the Artist

icmanekineko is a self-taught digital artist based in Shanghai, China. Using mixed media digital collage and illustration, she turns random thoughts and feelings into surreal images by fusing vintage imagery with the natural world. The results are dreamy sci-fi landscapes and punchy collages that are sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes cheesy. Her pieces draw inspiration from music, society, literature, ukio-e and sci-fi. icmanekineko often repurposes lighthearted vintage imagery to explore complex themes such as feminism, mental health and human interactions. Each piece begins the same way: with a single word or thought that evokes an image. icmanekineko then (digitally) slices, layers and arranges pictures until a new visual narrative emerges, characterized by vibrant color and paper-like textures. Although she uses photoshop to combine images, she tries not to over-manipulate them in order to achieve an analog effect inspired by the punk aesthetic of DIY.

Birson and Pird

Series 19

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Digital Art

Spring Call for Art 2021

Deadline: May 31, 2021

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