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Whatever Man

Kristian Coltman


Kristian Coltman


About the Artist

Kristian Coltman was born traveling and never stopped. That mentality has become engrained in him, constantly seeking new adventures and new projects. A globally published designer and photographer, Kristian has shot the likes of Olympic athletes and Cirque du Soleil stars and has done design work for international brands. His search is always ongoing and the drive to do more and more is his main motivator.

Instagram: @kristiancoltman, @coffeecuprobot
Website: kristiancoltman.comWhat stands out for you as one of your favourite career highlights so far?

Thats a tough question. The best work is always the last work, be it a little coffee shop or a huge brand, I pour my heart and soul into what I do each and every time but its the small moments that are the things that stick with you, the people you meet, the moments shared, the camaraderie. The late nights and stupid jokes.

How’d you get started as an artist?

My dad was a very skilled underwater photographer and growing up in an artistic household would be where it all began. I was very lucky that we also had access to circus schools and theatres, at a young age I was already working lights for 1,000 seater stages, the arts was always there. As I got older I fell in love with sports photography and thats really where my career started. As I matured my interests diverged and so did the work. I now mostly work as a graphic designer but I'll lend a hand to anything that comes along.Who or what influences your art?

Holy smokes, anything and everything. Just keeping your eyes open. The world is amazing. There's little influences everywhere. You could list inspirations until the cows come home. History of design. Architecture. Movies. Music. Nostalgia. People on instagram. People you meet. Your emotions. A whole host of artist/photographers/designers.What is your creative process like?

Professionally it is very structured. I do believe in concept driven design so there is certain steps to follow in order to get your best results. Personally (and usually what you'll see social media) it's just whatever is going through my head. I keep little note books on me and do little sketches or thoughts, I don't often get to finish them, but one day. I do also enjoy setting myself a challenge, like making a word fit a shape or only using one colour, it gets the brain firing.

Untitled – Kristian Coltman

Kristian Coltman

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Spring Call for Art 2021

Deadline: May 31, 2021

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