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Whatever Man

Nancy Johnson

Hamilton, Ontario

Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson

Hamilton, Ontario

About the Artist

I am an artist, writer and serial overthinker who lives in Hamilton, Ontario. My work spans a variety of media (collage, printmaking, textiles, digital) and is characterized by simple geometric and organic shapes arranged in bold compositions. Recent work includes a series of black and white digital artworks translated into relief (linocut) prints. These still-life-as-landscapes and landscapes-as-still-life (which combine drawing from observation with drawing from imagination) are a response to 2020 — a year of polarization, of fact and fiction co-existing in the same space, of the negative overlaying and cutting into the positive, and the positive fighting for ‘readings’. It has also been a year in which our relationship with indoors/outdoors has been disrupted and renegotiated. The outdoors have increasingly come indoors in my imagination; lions (albeit porcelain ones) prowl tabletops and wildlife frolics in human-constructed gardens. At the same time, conventional nudes in the landscape have become symbolic of exposure and vulnerability as well as a reminder of the hubris in supposing humans are apart from nature.

Untitled Abstract No. 2

Series 18

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Digital Art

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