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Whatever Man

Niels de Jong

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Niels de Jong

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

About the Artist

The heterogeneous geometric creations of Niels de Jong open portals into exciting new lands of adventure, full of boundless possibilities and the potential for self-discovery. Greet the curious characters who simultaneously emerge from and encompass fabulous structural landscapes, our paths often take unexpected turns and encourage us to make unforeseen connections. It is by way of these creative explorations and associations that de Jong reveals facets of his own narratives, all the while allowing us the freedom to unravel our own; to make each texture, pattern, colour combination or motif a trigger for personal memories or experiences to open doors in our imaginations, or to provide a spark which may kindle brand new escapades into the unknown.

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Spring Call for Art 2021

Deadline: May 31, 2021

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