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Whatever Man


Vancouver, Canada


Vancouver, Canada

About the Artist

Vancouver-based roots rockers, The Matinée, are five guys who have known each other since high school. Their music is Americana with a touch of whisky on the rocks - i.e. a good time to us. 

They’ve put their all into the making of their debut album, ‘We Swore We’d See The Sunrise.’ Produced by Steve Berlin from REM and The Hip fame, as well as Steve Bays from Hot Hot Heat, it took over a year of experimenting, fine-tuning and studio-hopping to create the work of art for your ears. The album is a culmination of the band’s road to success as musicians, and reflects their “coming out” after years of hard work and progress (and playing not just in bars but prisons and air force bases!). ‘We Swore We’d See the Sunrise’ is a showcase of The Matinée’s wicked loud live show energy and musical talent that sets apart this Series Two band from BC.


They have recently released the video for ‘Why Baby Why’ with good friend and fellow songbird, AJ Woodworth, which you can catch here. The band is also now working as proud ambassadors with Music Heals, a charitable foundation based in Vancouver that supports a wide range of music therapy services to communities across Canada and raises awareness of the healing powers of music. You can learn more at

Besides being beauties at playing the catchiest of tunes and helping their fans through their music, The Matinée’s anecdotes are also quite worthy of air-time:

“We purposely chose the band name for its somewhat timeless, classic aesthetic, so when it came time to organize a photo shoot for our debut album, we wanted that reflected in the imagery. Having toured extensively through BC, we knew of an area called Cariboo that is full of little ghost towns and rundown relics. It is actually quite beautiful in its open abandon – the land is full of history as it was a major route during the great gold rush – but the gold, the money, and the people have long since dried up. We sold [LA-based photog] Mark Maryanovich, and his assistant V (who actually took the shot of the bus that ended up as our album cover), on the idea and brought them up from LA, rented an old tour bus from Bruce Levens - who runs Greenhouse Recording Studios in town - and headed off for two days of shooting. It was great in that we just lived on the bus, drank beer, played music, and documented the trip. Mark & V would stop the bus at whatever vista caught their eye. We even snuck into a creepy, boarded up shaker church on a reservation and shot inside. We had to climb through a window, and the floor was covered in an inch of dust and dead crows. We arose, hung-over, well before sunrise the following day and headed off for this old race track to make use of the morning light, and V must have snapped this pic of the bus while we were lined up on the bleachers. The photo truly spoke to us as we’ve spent the better part of 6 years on the road and have fallen in love with the views that we’re lucky enough to catch on every trip. In just looking at the bus, you know there’s a story to it, it’s seen so many miles, it’s full of memories. Just like a band.”

And that is how you create magic.

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Follow the band as they make more memories:, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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