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Whatever Man

Yanick Nolet

Trois-Rivières, Québec

Yanick Nolet

Trois-Rivières, Québec

About the Artist

A native of Trois-Rivières (Quebec, Canada), YN spent his teenage years skating the streets of multiple city centers. In 1997, he combined his passion with work and co-founded Father Skateboard Company. After a brief stint in the Montreal area, he returned to his hometown in 2001 to open Central Skateboard Shop with his partner Micke Lemay. Then, in 2005, he moved back to Montreal to work as a graphic designer for a newspaper, which is his current day job. Over the years ,YN has remained involved in independent skateboard projects such as Exposé Magazine. In late 2011, YN added another entry to his already eclectic resume by opening Montreal’s, if not the world’s, first skater run craft beer boutique called, La Consigne Beer Chope (“The Deposit Beer Shop”). There is a deep skateboard based aesthetic that runs throughout his entire shop and all of the shop’s signage, packaging, T-Shirts, and posters are designed by Nolet himself and show a clear nod to his more skateboarding roots. YN continues to do graphics for a wide variety of skateboarding companies (including Girl Skateboards, Father, Underworld, and now Gift Skateboards) and he still rips it up on the daily.

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