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Whatever Man

Discover New Music With Collective Arts.

Beer and music have always gone hand-in-hand. Like the rest of Collective Arts, we want to take this to the next level by connecting music-fans with emerging arts across the globe. Audio/Visual celebrates the intersection of music and beer – keeping our finger on the pulse of the best new tunes and working to support emerging musicians, bands, and live music venues, through sharing up to date news. 

The Visual

You may notice that your Audio/Visual can looks a little different than last time. That’s because we gave your favourite lager a bit of a refresh! Hit play on the same great taste and find even more news on artists and bands through scanning the QR code on your can!

The Beer

Audio/Visual Lager is super refreshing, making it the ideal beer for concerts, green rooms, backyards or wherever you tune in. Audio/Visual is brewed with pilsner malt and brown rice and cold aged for 4 weeks for the most refreshingly clean, and crisp finish possible. We use Wai-iti hops for fresh notes of lime and mandarin citrus to round out this easy drinking lager.

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