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Whatever Man

Guava Gose

Pouring a beautiful soft cloudy pink and smelling of a tropical vacation, our Guava Gose is like a sour mashed wheat beer dosed with the largest batch of guava we could get away with!

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Mimosa Sour With Fresh Orange Juice hover-state Image
Mimosa Sour With Fresh Orange Juice Image

Mimosa Sour With Fresh Orange Juice


This is our take on a classic mimosa! With 33% unfermented freshly pressed orang...

Rituals & Reverence hover-state Image
Rituals & Reverence Image

Rituals & Reverence


Nothing says ritual to us more than an after-work brew, and Rituals & Reverence ...

Mimosa Sour With Fresh Grapefruit Juice hover-state Image
Mimosa Sour With Fresh Grapefruit Juice Image

Mimosa Sour With Fresh Grapefruit Juice


We took a spin on a classic mimosa and added juicy grapefruit! This Mimosa Sour ...

Roads Travelled hover-state Image
Roads Travelled Image

Roads Travelled


We’ve travelled through Europe by exploring different brewing styles and our l...

Cautionary Tale hover-state Image
Cautionary Tale Image

Cautionary Tale


Cautionary Tale is back! We first brewed this New England Style IPA as a small-b...

Emerald Flora hover-state Image
Emerald Flora Image

Emerald Flora


We brought our Hamilton pals from Merit Brewing over to our Toronto brewery for ...

Stones Turned hover-state Image
Stones Turned Image

Stones Turned


We're leaving no stone unturned as we continue to celebrate classic beer styles!...

Resonance hover-state Image
Resonance Image



Made with peanut butter and banana, Resonance is a deep, sweet brew but very app...

Third Eye Open hover-state Image
Third Eye Open Image

Third Eye Open


This flavourful DIPA will open your mind (and palate!) to familiar fruit aromas ...

Approaching Oneness hover-state Image
Approaching Oneness Image

Approaching Oneness


Approaching Oneness is how we approached this Gose made with Buddha’s Hand… ...

Moving Thoughts hover-state Image
Moving Thoughts Image

Moving Thoughts


Let your thoughts move directly to this DIPA. Moving Thoughts is a hoppy blend o...

Comfort In Numbers hover-state Image
Comfort In Numbers Image

Comfort In Numbers


Take comfort in this floral, stone fruit-forward IPA! Comfort In Numbers was bre...

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