CAB Does Art Basel


Collective does Art Basel from Collective Arts Brewing on Vimeo. Each year the global art scene turns their attention to the Miami edition of Art Basel. In recent years, the event’s focus on gallery art has …

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Top 5 Albums of December

No matter how diligently you plan, you never really know what will happen on New Year’s Eve. I, for one, found myself in rural Manchester, Vermont playing cover songs for unenthused baby boomers. Rather unceremoniously, …


The Wall Project Brooklyn

In the Fall of 2018, Collective Arts landed in NYC. To kick off our launch we teamed up with The Well in Brooklyn and a dream team of veteran street art mural artists including NEPO, …


Top 5 Albums of August

The days seem a little shorter, the nights slightly cooler. Leaves are turning yellow and crisp. The final heat waves subside to the equator, and puffy clouds of rain dampen the scorching asphalt. The summer …


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Field Guide: Vancouver

Posted 06.25.18

One of Canada's biggest and most ethnically diverse cities, Vancouver is surrounded by beautiful scenery, full of a thriving art and music scene, and is now a place for Collective Arts to call home. With …

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Toronto's Twist was first conceived in late 2013 as a collaborative project between songwriter Laura Hermiston and Brian Borchedt of 'Holy Fuck'. The pair met as Hermiston's earlier band was dissolving and Borchedt was in …


Mt. Joy

Mt. Joy was started by Philadelphia high school friends Matt Quinn (vocals, guitar) and Sam Cooper (guitar). In 2016 the band quietly released their first recordings, including the single “Astrovan” which much to their surprise …

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The Weird

Street art crew The Weird, were founded in 2011 when ten members based throughout Germany and Austria came together to transform urban centres internationally. They all come from a graffiti background and focus on high-quality character …

Hydro Thunder


'Hydro Thunder' is a monster storm of Citra and Simcoe hops that we brewed with our friends from Twin Sails Brewing from Port Moody, B.C. This hugely flavourful Double Dry-Hopped Double IPA shows off a thunderous amount the best tropical fruit and citrus flavours.


5 Panels


Have you ever looked at Evan - our super cool in house graphics guy - and thought, "Man! I wish I looked more like THAT guy!" Maybe you don't know Evan, but trust us... You want to be more like Evan. Buying a 5 panel will get you that much closer!

Super sleek, comfortable and stylish; adjustable nylon strap; available in 7 different colours. Evan approved.

Craft Beer Club


The Collective Arts Beer Club is opening up 200 memberships this season!  If we happen to sell out, don't fret, simply join the waiting list for first dibs on our next membership release.

As a member, you will receive bi-monthly shipments containing 4 of our newest and most limited-release beers, along with some fun CAB surprises.

The subscription price is set at $25.95 (+ Shipping & Handling where applicable). Your credit card will be charged once now for the March beer club box, and again at the 1st of a beer club month (May, July, September, etc...) If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so anytime before the 15th of the month prior to a shipment.

Please note:

  • Beer Club Membership is only available to residents of Ontario
  • You must be 19+ years old

Pineapple Tepache Berliner Weisse


Refreshing and light, this Berliner Weisse incorporates the flavours of the traditional Mexican drink Tepache. Pineapple puree paired with cinnamon and demarara sugar to create a fruity, spicy, lightly tart brew.

5% ABV

Art: Alexis Giroux, Montreal