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Maple Syrup Barrel Aged Rum

Maple Syrup Barrel Aged Rum



Our Rum is aged in Bourbon barrels that we then used to mature maple syrup. The Ontario sourced maple syrup is matured for 3 months in the barrels before being removed, we then add the back rum to the maple syrup barrels to finish the maturing process, capturing that maple flavour.

In our rum you can find notes like vanilla, oak and maple syrup, while the barrel's oaky sweet character is the first thing you'll notice on the pallet. That sweetness is complemented by a spicy finish for a smooth, balanced rum.

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Pam Wishbow

Pam Wishbow

Seattle, WA

Pam Wishbow Is An Illustrator And General Maker Of Things. She lives in Seattle with her cat and together they make work with a style heavily inspired by her interest in printm...

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