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500px Special Edition Jam Up the Mash Cans

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We are so excited to announce that we’ve partnered with 500px for special-edition cans of Jam Up the Mash featuring work from four photographers: Carlos Mardones, Sergey Fett, Inge Schuster, and Karina Falkor.

500px is a community of passionate photographers. Based in Toronto, 500px works with over 15 million photographers from 195 countries to discover and share incredible photos, gain global exposure, and get photographer paid for their work and skills.

Carlos Mardones from Miami, FL, USA

Carlos Mardones’ journey in becoming a professional photographer started 15 years ago when a close friend explained how to use a camera to him. His interest grew so much for the art and beauty of photography that he decided to study it at a private school in the city of Miami. In 2018, after many hours of study on the behaviour of pets, photography techniques, and the treatment that should be had with them, he started his adventure with Dogexpression (Dog Photography). He has worked with pets from very shy to the most extroverted in temperament. Besides knowing the best techniques when doing the portraits to get them to relax, it takes a lot of patience for them to feel comfortable in their new environment. With a lot of love and dedication, the results speak for themselves! Carlos currently has two studio locations in the South Florida Area (Miami Dade and Broward County) and says that Dogexpression was the best decision he could have ever made for his career!

Follow Carlos on Instagram: @dogexpression

Sergey Fett from Ukraine

Sergey Fett is a photographer and visual artist from Ukraine. He specializes in conceptual imagery and also photo manipulations. His work is inextricably linked to how he sees the world, and how he sees him into it. Taking pictures is his way to see the ideal in the ordinary. In contrast to traditional photography, he doesn’t capture moments – he captures ideas with the help of his camera and imagination. Using colour and surrealism, he creates a world that is inaccessible, which goes beyond everyday experience, there is something immaterial in it. It is not an intellectual concept; but rather intuitive, emotional. Sergey is multi-award-winning, and was voted one of the best photographers, by the Professional Photo Community:

Follow Sergey on Instagram: @sergeyfett

Inge Schuster from Denmark

Inge Schuster is a Danish photographer based in the beautiful open country of Zeeland. She picked up her first camera in 2012. Her motifs were in the beginning mainly street, but by and by she concentrated on architecture and texture images. Over the years she have increased the use of image processing trying to create works where photograph and graphic works melt together. Her works are often strongly cropped to emphasize the lines in the motifs.

Follow Inge on Instagram: @inge.schuster

Karina Falkor from Ukraine

Karina Falkor is an artist and photographer based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She is a design engineer by education, but later realized that such an activity was not for her because from childhood, she loved to paint. With the advent of mobile phones with cameras, she started to get involved in photography. Her favourite things are to make live and emotional portraits, paint the environment or pretty girls with watercolours, and catch different things on her camera while walking along the streets. In her free time, she helps stray animals and now there are three cats in her family!

Follow Karina on Instagram: @falkor_photo

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