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Audio/Visual Lager: Collective Arts X Black Box

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Audio/Visual is our easy-drinking lager that gives you new music for your playlist! For each new series of Audio/Visual cans we team up with a record label to highlight emerging musicians and give our community of beer lovers a chance to discover some new music.

For our latest Audio/Visual series, we teamed up with Black Box Music to highlight music from four acts, ranging in genres from punk to hip-hop to folk to rock. Our new cans of Audio/Visual feature JJ Wilde, SonReal, Northcote and The OBGMs with original artwork by Montreal, QC, Canada-based artist Melanie Ortins.


Music has permeated every part of JJ Wilde’s life since childhood, and it’s something she’s held closely: an unwavering connection she’s fought to foster. In June 2020, JJ released her debut album “Ruthless”, which included the hit single “The Rush”, which sat atop all three Canadian rock radio charts for an unprecedented 10-weeks. She was the first female to accomplish this feat, putting her on a very short list that includes the likes of Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Kings Of Leon and the Black Keys. Ruthless is, in fact, a raw, unapologetic view of the world through the eyes of a 27-year-old woman, and a culmination of Wilde’s journey: raw, rough and full of brutal honesty.

Photo: Matt Barnes


Toronto punk band the OBGMs — comprised of front man Densil McFarlane, drummer Colanthony Humphrey and bassist Joseph Brosnan — aren’t your typical rock band. “This is a black-fronted punk band, and that’s really important,” McFarlane says. “Rock n’ roll is mostly white suburban kids—that’s what gets promoted. But we are black and we out here. I was inspired to make rock music when I saw a black guy onstage, and if someone sees that in us, I hope it will inspire a new generation to go after this.” The OBGMs will drop their new album “The Ends” via Black Box in October. Given the current state of the world, opinions will surely vary. Not that McFarlane cares one way or the other. “You can love us or hate us,” he says. “I’m aiming for that. We’d prefer the love—we’re full of love— but I’d rather you hate me than feel indifference.”


SonReal is the moniker of Canadian singer, songwriter, rapper and visual artist Aaron Hoffman. With years of international touring, more than a dozen award nominations, over 75M YouTube views and over 100M audio streams to his credit, Aaron has made a name for himself as SonReal. SonReal burst on to the scene with the quirky, now-viral video sensation “Everywhere We Go” (22M views), setting a high bar for visual content and songwriting. EPs and mixtapes followed suit, featuring songs and next-level videos like “Preach” and “For The Town” before SonReal’s full-length debut in 2017, One Long Dream. SonReal’s latest album, “The Aaron LP,” is the culmination of this creative journey to align the artist persona of SonReal with the songwriter and person, Aaron Hoffman.


Northcote is the performance moniker for Victoria-based singer and songwriter, Matthew Goud. A troubadour at heart, Goud has been writing songs and touring the world for most of his adult life. With three full-length projects, two EPs and over 500 shows performed globally alongside some of the heavyweights of his genre, Goud’s is a familiar voice to many in the community. 2020 sees the latest iteration of Northcote, one that finds his signature raspy-sweet voice effortlessly laid over a beautifully blended landscape of folk and Americana. Drawing inspiration from two years of self-reflection and exploration, the forthcoming collection of songs, Let Me Roar (October 2020) are the most personal and affecting of his career to date.

Photo: Bjoern Lexius


Melanie Ortins is an illustrator from Montreal, known for her detailed artwork and intricate patterns. As soon as she could hold a pencil, she loved to draw, and spent a lot of her childhood doodling, colouring, and creating. She went to study Illustration & Design at Dawson College. After graduating in 2016, she self-published her first color book “Sugar Rush” through CreateSpace on Amazon. Melanie is inspired by the beauty of nature and often incorporates animals and flowers into her pieces.

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