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Whatever Man

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Audio/Visual Presents: Sunny Picasso

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With the faces of New York music changing rapidly, Sunny Picasso puts himself in a tremendous position to be one of the city’s next big greats. Blending a mix between the classic New York sound and new wave elements, the Queens native has shown a lot of promise and preparation. His recent releases such as “Stashbox the EP”, and his hit single “Too Late”, have caught a lot of musicals attention from top platforms such as EQ Distro in partner with Roc Nation, Audiomack, Broke2Dope, and EMCEE.

His ear for production is exceptional and allows him the ability to try his hand at many different musical avenues. He has experience touring internationally and captivates his audience every-time. Not only is he a great artist but he’s also a humbling music personality; willing to work and engage with varying artist and fans. His music and personality are mutually refreshing for this industry. Sunny Picasso has a lot of promise and many surprises in store for 2020 and beyond.


Audio/Visual Lager embodies our love for music and our passion to push the boundaries for emerging talent. When we set out to make an easy-drinking lager, we wanted to use it as an opportunity for our community to discover new music. This collaborative series celebrates the intersection of art, music and beer, featuring a record label, four bands and one visual artist.

We’re excited to introduce our new edition of Audio/Visual, in partnership with EQ Distro, an independent music distribution company based in New York City. We worked with EQ to feature four emerging acts on the latest series of Audio/Visual: Asoh Black!Tangina StoneStockz and Sunny Picasso.

Visual art: Wes Art Studio

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