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Collective Arts Distilling Aromatic Bitters Launch!

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If you’ve been on this adventure with us from the beginning, you know we are always looking to innovate, connect, inspire, and create. As we continue to tell our story through creativity, we are humbled when the ideas of our Brewers and Distillers begin to hit our markets for the first time!

We are super excited to announce a new milestone and product as part of our Collective Arts Distilling journey: Aromatic Bitters! With artwork by Carmen Jabier and Maggie Stephenson, our line of bitters will take off with Orange Cardamom and Grapefruit Vanilla flavours. With just a few drops of these versatile and flavourful bitters, you can add depth to your favourite cocktail or simply brighten up a glass of sparkling water.⁠

Orange Cardamom: Add a citrusy, earthy twist to any drink with these Orange & Cardamom bitters! We used a TON of fresh orange peel, making juicy orange citrus the dominant flavour that jumps out on the nose. The addition of cardamom, along with a hint of clove and coriander, complements the orange sweetness with an underlying spicy, earthy note.

Art: Carmen Jabier

Grapefruit Vanilla: Fresh grapefruit and a flavourful combination of spices give these betters a sweet, enticing profile. We used real grapefruit peel and a hint of coriander to deliver a spritzy citrusy note; while vanilla, anise, and cardamom rounds out the flavour profile and adds a subtle sweetness to your drink. Combine a few drops of these bitters with some soda water and any fruity gin or spirt for a bright cocktail with just the right amount of underlying sweetness.

Art: Maggie Stephenson

Our Collective Arts Distilling Aromatic Bitters are launching in our markets Saturday May 15, 2021 and will be available online or at our taproom locations in Hamilton and Toronto. We look forward to seeing how you mix things up with our new bitters and can’t wait to see your creations too!

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