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Collective Arts Sparkling Gin Cocktails

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Made from real ingredients and mixologist driven. Introducing our new Sparkling Gin Cocktails!

Our first ready-to-drink cocktail is a Dry Gin and Soda with Grapefruit, Lemon and Thyme. This craft cocktail utilizes real lemon and grapefruit to build on the bright citrus notes of our Artisanal Dry Gin base. Lavender and dried thyme add a subtle floral undertones, and cardamom imparts a slight cooling sensation. It’s perfectly balanced, clean and refreshing.

“We got into craft gin because of it’s ability to amplify creativity in mixology but we also recognize that at-home cocktail making takes time. Our sparkling gin cocktails are meant to be a more convenient way to consume real, low in sugar cocktails that don’t sacrifice taste,” explains Matt Johnston, co-founder of Collective Arts. “We also believe a more creative world is a better world and our gin cocktails will feature rotating works of art by international artists.”

These cocktails combine the art of mixology on the inside with limited-edition art work on the outside. Our Dry Gin & Soda features four unique pieces by Montreal artist Maia Faddoul. Future cocktails will feature work from other artists.

Our Dry Gin and Soda with Grapefruit, Lemon and Thyme is launching at the LCBO in Ontario in mid-April and coming soon to our other Canadian markets and the US.


One of the things we love most about gin is its ability to inspire creativity. It’s an approachable spirit that mixologists and drinkers can make their own. Inspired by that idea, we took the seemingly simple gin and soda and elevated it to a perfectly balanced, crisp, clean cocktail. We hope you enjoy them!

-Matt Howell and Graeme Bell, Distillers


We’re excited to feature work from Maia Faddoul on cans of our new Dry Gin and Soda! Maia is a first generation Canadian, working as an illustrator and designer in Montreal. She loves creating empowering, bright and colourful imagery, with an important message. Maia’s work is lively, vibrant and clearly reflects what she describes as her main influences: “colour, Women, positivity and happiness!”



Last April we launched into the spirits world with two flagship gins: Artisanal Dry and a Rhubarb & Hibiscus. We’ve since added a seasonal Plum & Blackthorn, with more rotating seasonal gins to come. In just over a year since our launch, all three of our gins have won awards at prestigious international competitions including the London Spirts Competition, the SIP Awards and the San Francisco Spirits Competition.

Our gins combine the creativity of craft distilling with the inspired talents of emerging artists. We change the art on the bottle with every small batch of our flagships and each seasonal release.


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