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Whatever Man

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Collective Arts X Brasserie Dunham

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Our recent Quebec launch was a big deal for us. Not only did it mark our final Canadian frontier, it also meant we get to join the rich brewing community in la belle province, which includes so many of our brewer friends like Brasserie Dunham. Based in Dunham, Quebec, Brasserie Dunham is inspired by classic European brewery traditions, and their expertise is firmly oriented towards exploration and renewal of styles.

We had the crew from Dunham at both of our Liquid Art Festivals and this past May we hosted them at our brewery to create Pomme de Pin, a pineapple IPA with a generous hopping of Citra and Galaxy. More recently, we travelled to the Dunham brewery in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and collaborated on another beer: Guanabana Double IPA is made with soursop (also known as guanábana) and Sabro hops.r

On top of being kindred brewing spirits, Dunham also shares our passion for working with emerging artists and we were excited to have Montreal-based artist Maia Faddoul create the label art on both Pomme de Pin and Guanabana.

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