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Fall Beer Lineup 2019

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We get it, saying goodbye to summer can be tough. But, hey, fall’s pretty great in it’s own right! And even if you’re not a fan of pumpkin spice or Halloween, a new season means a new crop of beers launching over the next couple months.

Our fall lineup includes two returning favourites, our Wet Hop Wheat Ale and Raspberry Dry-Hopped Sour, a new endeavour for us in our Wheat Beer with Earl Grey Tea and Coriander, and we have a mysterious new addition to our core lineup! All of these beers will be available at the brewery first.


Belgian Wits are traditionally brewed with orange peel and coriander, so to add a flavourful and modern twist on a classic we enlisted the help of our pals at Genuine Tea. We replaced the orange peel with another classic – Earl Grey. Made with the oil of Bergamot Orange citrus, the tea gives this beer a unique flavour while honouring the classic beer style.

ABV: 5%

Art: Patrick Butler, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Availability: Hitting our retail store, Ontario bars and US markets.


Celebrate the harvest with the freshest hops around! Picked within hours of brewing, local Ontario Chinook hops deliver a huge nose of juicy fruit and grassy mango.  A mix of Pilsner and pale wheat give a light, straw-like colour that drinks extremely smooth with a bready malt finish.

ABV: 5%

Art: Magge Gagliardi, West Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Availability: Coming to Ontario bars and grocery stores, select Canadian markets and our taproom. RASPBERRY DRY-HOPPED SOUR

Not only did we throw a mountain of raspberries into this brew, we backed them up with a generous amount of berry forward Mosaic and Barbe Rouge hops! The result is a refreshingly tart, fruit forward sour ale.

ABV: 5.5%

Art: Paige Bowman, Victoria, BC, Canada

Availability: Available to all our Canadian and US markets.


We’ve got a brand new core beer coming soon! Stay tuned for more details… (we’re seriously having trouble containing ourselves on this one).



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