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Fresh hops in January: Our collab with Tooth and Nail

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Frisch, our new collab brew with Tooth and Nail Brewing, is a wet-hop German Pale Ale. You read that right, a wet-hop beer, brewed in January… in Ontario. And yes, the hops are from Germany!

So, how did we pull it off? That’s where our pals at Brew Culture come in. Brew Culture, based in Bracebridge is the exclusive Canadian provider of WetHOP™, a technology developed in Germany by Hopfen Kontor. WetHOP™ is a unique way of sealing freshly harvested hops to lock in the aroma and characteristics of fresh (or, “wet”) hops.

Brew Culture President & Founder Dan Collins first came upon this technology while visiting hop growers in Germany in 2019. There he connected with Martin Schmailzl, a fourth generation hop grower in Hallertau, a region of Bavaria renowned for its hop farms.

“Martin starts passing around the hop varieties one by one, so we get our noses in there and it was an immediate, ‘this is insane!’ We couldn’t believe the depth and complexity of the aromas coming from these hops,” says Collins. “Aromas that are more traditionally restrained in German hops, were now slapping us in the face.

“Then he starts pulling out beers made in Germany with WetHOP. One after another each utilizing different varietals. They were great and really showed the unique characteristics of the product. What impressed us even more however was when he started opening beers brewed with WetHOP, a year prior, two years prior, even three years prior. There we were sitting around a table together, drinking three year old Pale Ales, that for all we knew were brewed a month earlier. It was pretty wild.”

Back to our collab with Tooth and Nail and Brew Culture. We first crafted this recipe with the Tooth and Nail folks early in 2020 and brewed the first version at their place in Ottawa. We dug it, so we wanted to make it again!

So we worked with Brew Culture to send some fresh hops on another journey: Bavaria > Bracebridge > Hamilton.

The hops may have travelled across the ocean, but you’d swear they were just harvested. Frisch uses two varieties: WetHOP™ Hallertau Blanc and WetHOP™ Callista. This combo delivers a lovely fresh green hop character, with the subtle notes of citrus, stone fruit, white wine and fresh cut grass.

Frisch is available now in our online shop for Ontario-wide delivery and for pickup at our Hamilton and Toronto breweries.

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