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Holiday Gift Guide: At-Home Mixologist

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We’ve all had plenty of time at home to work on our cocktail game. Odds are there’s someone on your list who fancies themselves a budding mixologist. Whether you’re shopping for someone who’s always experimenting with new drink creations, or someone who just wants to crack a can and say they made a craft cocktail (hey we won’t judge), we’ve got you covered⁠.

Cocktail Kits

Maybe you’re relatively new to the high-end cocktail game, maybe you’re just looking for some ideas. We put everything you need (including a recipe for each of our gins!) to make a delicious beverage into one kit! ($79.95)


Lavender and Juniper Gin

Our latest gin is not only a unique flavour combo that will add a distinctive touch to any cocktail, it’s also magic. Don’t believe us? Pour some in a glass, add some tonic or lemon. You’ll see what we mean! ($50.70, 750ml bottle)


Collective Distilling Glassware

Cocktails in a beer glass? Or a JUICE glass?! No thank you. These simple, elegant 10oz glasses will add just the right amount class to your home bartending setup. ($5 per glass)


Dry Gin & Soda w/ Blackberry & Peppercorn

Look, we all get lazy. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and it doesn’t mean you can’t have a delicious drink! Just crack the can, pour over ice, add some garnish if you’re feeling fancy, and no one will know the difference. ($14.25, 4-pack)


Plum & Blackthorn Gin

This gin just screams “holidays.” It’s got the perfect combo of spicy and sweet for festive cocktails and makes a gorgeous addition to any bar cart. ($51.20, 750ml bottle)


Collective Arts Maple Syrup

Ok, stay with us here, yes this is a gift guide for at-home bartenders. But, one: this maple syrup was aged in bourbon barrels, and two: there’s a TON of tasty cocktails you make using a hint of maple syrup!


Artisanal Dry Gin

Our original, flagship gin. A great starting point for any bartender because its unique flavour profile lends allows you to be as creative as you want! ($47.20, 750ml bottle)


Raspberry & Lemon Verbena Hard Tea

Our Sparkling Hard Teas are delicious and refreshing on their own, but they can also be a great topper to a cocktail. Check out this idea from our pal @cheerstohappyhour. ($10.95, 4-pack)


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