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Live Art at the Liquid Art Festival

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Liquid Art Fest is a celebration of beer, music and art. With some of the world’s best brewers in the beer garden and stellar musical talent on stage, we knew it was critical to up the ante for the visual arts portion of the event. On Friday and Saturday festival goers will have the opportunity to watch the creation of 2500 square feet murals soaring three stories above the crowd, all painted in real time by four internationally renowned artists.

Without further ado, we give you Cone, Vidam and Rookie of The Weird crew, and three-time Collective alumni artist, Loch Ness!

Vidam – The Weird

Vidam is a Berlin-based artist and illustrator. As part of the graffiti and street art crew The Weird he loves travelling around the globe and painting walls with his friends. As part of the illustration collective Peachbeach, he creates funny and complex illustrations for international clients. Last but not least he’s an artist dedicated to painting on the medium wood.

“Happy” – is one of the best ways to mention Vidam – literally as well.  Vidam’s smile is infectious when you speak with him and take a viewing to his work.  Rather it is Solo work or with others as Collaborations like “Peachbeach” and “The Weird” – he crushes both. Clean lines, and smooth calming colour schemes makes Vidam’s work stand out.  Paired with tiny details in to an illustrated micro-universe. Gravity nearly does not seem to exist in his work.  Balance within Vidam’s work with characters that are patterned and detailed in their subtle shading but reveals little to no facial features.  He makes us all smile and wonder, a point well liked and admired.” – Karl Addison

Rookie – The Weird

Robert Matzke aka Rookie The Weird is a German artist, a member of The Weird best known for his sarcasm and humour. He referrers to himself as pop-surrealist. Rookie the Weird usually focuses on personal experience and everyday situations, adding a certain humor and sarcasm to those often banal events. His very original and personal style is defined by the artist himself as a pop-surrealism. His art is mostly whimsical and grotesque but it is always spontaneous, unique and stylistically brusque. The techniques and materials he uses, as well as the locations he chooses are providing an unfinished and kind of raw impression of his artworks, whether it is an illustration or outdoor street art.

Cone – The Weird

The Munich-born artist Cone The Weird has been fascinated with the various possibilities of designing characters ever since he was a child. Over the years, he has become more and more attracted to character design—his recent works almost exclusively feature characters. Cone The Weird draws his inspiration from his early access to large book collections: Impressively illustrated books of historic cultures, surrealistic paintings and the design of record covers alike had a key influence on him as an artist. The themes of his drawings have become increasingly complex and more detailed in recent years. In a similar way as the well-known ‘Where’s Wally’ illustrations, his drawings consist of many different characters that merge into one another and blend in with their environment. Cone The Weird has been looking for an alternative form to classic comics and cartoons for quite some time now; a form that inspires the viewer to examine his drawings more closely thanks to their multi-layered levels of meaning. His drawings often also contain numerous hidden messages and elements which can only be discovered by taking a very close look—but which reward the viewers when they finally discover them

Loch Ness

Loch Ness is a Freelance Illustrator / Urban Artist from Bristol, UK, specializing in psychedelic surreal  imagery. His artwork playfully disorientates  you to a place that oozes a twisted harmony and Zen. Fall down the monster rabbit hole into a dream like dimension where anything is possible and colour has no boundaries.  Taking the viewer on a trippy ride of feel good absurdity. Some of his clients have included BBC Radio 6 Music, TATE Britain, Teenage Cancer Trust, Rip Curl, Posca Pens, BBC, Red Bull & Grolsh to name a few. Loch Ness has also exhibited in galleries around the world, from London to New York’s ‘Cotton Candy Machine’.

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