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Origin of Darkness 2019

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Our Origin of Darkness series is back for its second year! We teamed up with four breweries for this limited-edition Dark + Barrel Aged Program, with each of our international partners adding their own terroir-inspired ingredients to our smooth, chocolatey base Stout or Porter. Cannoli, vanilla wafers, coffee, cassia bark – our brewing pals did not hold back when it came to bringing some truly unique flavours to these carefully crafted beers.

With one edition of Origin of Darkness under our belts, we were able to experiment with some new approaches: one of this year’s brews was aged in rum barrels (a first for this series) and another was made with an Imperial Stout that was aged for almost two years in Bourbon barrels.

All four of these beers will be available at the brewery starting at 5PM on Friday, Oct. 25, and will be coming to all of our Canadian and US markets soon after. Check out our Origin of Darkness Day at the brewery on Oct. 25 to sample the new brews, paired with complementary dessert options, and hear from our Brewmaster Ryan Morrow on how these beers came together.


Imperial Stout aged 21 months in Bourbon Barrels w/ Cacao Nibs & Cassia Bark ABV 11.5%21 months. That’s how long this Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels. If it were a child it would be stringing two-word sentences together by now. And you know what it would say? “F*cking delicious.” Collaborating with Voodoo Brewing from Pennsylvania, we used Cocoa Nibs and Cassia Bark (also known as Chinese Cinnamon) to give this beer some deep chocolate flavours and a sweet spice.

Art: Matt Duffin


Baltic Porter aged in Rum Barrels, w/ Prunes, Raisins and Dates  ABV 9.6%Sound the alarm – for the first time ever in our Barrel-Aged program, we’re using RUM! Siren Craft Brew from England wanted to create something that exemplified the sweet rich flavours of dark stone fruit, so after 6 months in 10-year-old South American Rum barrels we added Prunes, Raisins and Dates to a Baltic Porter base. Think sticky toffee pudding, like Nan used to make.

Art: Darren Goldman


Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels w/ Chocolate & Pistachio Cannolis – 8.4 ABV %Holy Cannoli, did we whip up something delicious with Italian brewery CR/AK. We threw real, bakery-fresh Cannoli and a massive amount of chocolate into the mash of this Imperial Stout. After about a year of aging, the flavours of pastry and chocolate marry perfectly with the deep vanilla and oak of the bourbon barrels. Mamma Mia, delizioso.

Art: Alvaro Cubero


Imperial Stout w/Cacao Powder, Coffee, Brown Sugar, Lactose, Vanilla wafers 11.9%Our collaborators for this beer – Prairie Artisan Ales out of Oklahoma – are truly Imperial Stout masters. With their arsenal of knowledge and talent at our side, we wanted to tackle something uniquely Canadian. Something with Coffee. Something Crisp. Keeping that in mind we brewed an Imperial Stout with a huge amount of Cacao powder, vanilla wafers, brown & lactose sugar, and freshly ground Detour Coffee. The result should taste familiar, indelible, Canadian. (It’s Coffee Crisp. We’re talking about Coffee Crisp)

Art: Daren Lin

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