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Whatever Man

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Tyler Armstrong is a self-taught artist from Mississauga/Toronto, Canada, who is big on capturing the TRUTH. Using a variety of mediums, his art comes from an internal reflection of the external environment, with an underlying theme that not all things are as they appear…




Tyler Armstrong 2013

Upon first glance, Tyler Armstrong’s artwork can seem jarring and even a little frightening, with his frantic, scribbled faces and colours that bleed in together. But like all good art, it is meant to evoke. Tyler uses his work and a variety of techniques to try and understand “what inspires the heart and boils the blood.”

He takes a slice of comfort in pieces like his distorted Fred Flintstone and other childhood characters, taking contorted and conflicted reality and evolving it to a place of serenity – confusion and order through chaos. His Surface to Air painting (below), currently on our Series Two labels, is another example of beauty in something so seemingly twisted. A seeker of truth, he encourages us to look at our own surroundings and find our own light out of mayhem. We love his art and that principle it speaks to.

Surface to Air

Looks like our tastes are on par with some of the biggest cultural names in the game –  there have been queries into his work from the likes of A$AP Rocky and Louis Vuitton, to name a few. YOU GO, TYLER!!

Above all else, though, Tyler takes pride in creating – a process of learning and risk. Follow his adventures on his website,, as well as his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Until then, The Truth Is Out There (copyright Moulder and the X-Files).


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