Collective Arts was founded on the principles of creating respected craft beer and supporting artists. We invite emerging musicians, bands, visual artists, photographers and graphic designers to showcase their art on our limited-edition beer labels.

How the Call for Art Works:

Every 3 months we open a Call for Art. The work that is submitted for each Call for Art will roll out every 3 months, in a new ‘Series’. Anyone from anywhere in the world can submit up to three pieces of work to be considered for our labels. Every call we work with a team of experts (non-Collective Employees) from the beer, art, and music worlds to curate the submissions and choose what will go on our beer. Every artist that is chosen is paid $200USD, and is featured on our website and through our marketing initiatives. We encourage artists to submit work that has been already produced as we respect the time and effort it takes to create work. Our mission is simple: we use our beer cans as a vehicle to bring the creative class closer to the artists that inspire them.

We are looking forward to seeing your work! View our past series here.

Watch Series Artist Max Coleman: